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He finds a pack of fruit snacks and tears into them, never once glancing up from his phone.With full lips, Bieber bangs, and piercing blue eyes, Hayes has the unsalted-butter looks of the love interest on a CW show or the villain in a John Hughes movie.After Rodgers broke up with the actress in April, he and Rohrbach went public.Nevertheless, the source said Rodgers, 33, is still healing after his breakup from Munn, 36.So, two years later and now with the final nail in the publicly facing Topsy coffin, what did Apple get for its over 0 million?Disclaimer: What follows has not been influenced or informed by former Topsy employees or anyone else from inside Apple.Whatever Mac Kenzie and Maggie (a woefully-served Alison Pill) do in the course of the series, it can only reflect on the men they interact with, not back on them.

“They are keeping things light, but are still seeing each other.” As Radar previously reported the avid golfers were spotted together back in February at the Pebble Beach Pro Am, before he and Olivia Munn were officially split.Fans were not completely surprised by the winner, as Jordan has been a frontrunner since the show premiered, getting the first impression rose and the very important first kiss. When I'm with Jordan, I think of Robby," she said on the final episode between tears.(Photo Credit: Getty Images) However, the decision was anything but easy for the 25-year-old, who couldn't stop crying throughout the two-hour broadcast. "I didn't want it to be this hard." MUST SEE: Britney Spears Wants Her Own Reality Dating Show!Sorkin's obsession with righteous indignation and women who do powerful men wrong have carried over to, his HBO drama about a cable news program, which stars Jeff Daniels as anchor Will Mc Avoy, and Emily Mortimer as Mac Kenzie Mc Hale, his new executive producer, who also happens to be an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him.And in a conversation with the Daily Beast's TV writer Jace Lacob, Huffington Post television critic Maureen Ryan explains exactly what makes this particular iteration of Sorkin's signature qualities and interests so infuriating: The twin foundations of the series are that men commit acts of brave journalism and women help them do that, and that any number of attractive women find the pompous Will attractive enough to date (or in Mac Kenzie's case, obsess over).

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