Camilla al fayed dating

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At Saturday’s Highgrove party for her 70th birthday, beaming Camilla will be full of the smiles and laughter we see so many times from her and Charles, 68.

The mere fact she is regarded as a national treasure shows what an astonishing journey she has been on since being dubbed The Rottweiler and “Britain’s most hated woman” after Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana failed.

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Unlike most men, he seemed to take no notice of her at first.

She spent the next 18 days using her visits to the hospital as an excuse to run into Hasnat.

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Magazine reported recently that Princess Diana's former boyfriend Hasnat Khan testified at the never ending inquest to determine whether or not the late Princess's death was accidental or part of a conspiracy several weeks ago via a statement that Diana broke up with him not the other way around as been reported in various biographies since her death.

He insists that she came back from her first vacation with Dodi and the Fayeds and told him that it was over.

Relations between the royal family and the Al-Fayed family have been anything but pleasant in the years since the tragedy.

Mohammad Al-Fayed alleges that the royal family engineered the "murder" of William's mother and has publicly and aggressively promoted this theory for years, both in the courts and now in film.

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