Did daniel radcliffe dating emma watson

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“Oh my God, you’re still jealous I asked Lenny Kravitz to cameo instead of you, aren’t you? ” John mumbles, as he takes out his phone, instinctively taking a selfie.. More people are going to be watching you perform than at any time in your entire career. ”“You love pizza.”““Since when did you become, like, Colin Firth? As of late, “Harry Potter” himself has been earning props for his eccentric roles in movies, the latest one is in “Swiss Army Man,” where he plays the role of a “flatulent dead corpse.” stars Paul Dano as a suicidal man stranded on a desert island and ready to give up hope, when a flatulent corpse (played by Daniel Radcliffe) washes ashore,” Vanity Fair reportd.

She worked with Bonham Carter in four of the Harry Potter films. She is a self-confessed feminist and spoke out in 2014 at the UN about the subject, which gained her enormous praise. Watson was offered the lead in this year's live-action Disney film, Cinderella, but turned it down.‘I was half-naked and covered in paint so that was pretty awkward.’ Watson added that kissing Rupert was just as bizarre.‘We’d just been soaked by an enormous bucket of water which hurt., which we had to pretend we didn’t know was going to happen but we knew was coming.The role later went to Downton Abbey star, Lily James. Her estimated net worth is currently around m (£40.5m).That's just more than half of what Daniel Radcliffe is worth, but m more than her Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint.

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