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If they respect you, they will completely understand, and if they don’t understand then they’re probably not worth your while.If you’re in a situation that makes you uncomfortable and the other person keeps asking you for sexts, don’t be afraid to block them.

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"It is the mark of the man and his achievement as a writer that his work is conjured by use of his surname only." She added: “He had a natural, easy and profound understanding of the actor’s craft, and he spoke about how the actor’s public utterance of the playwright’s private words was what made the experience of theatre so unique.

Causeway Coast and Glens SDLP councillor Margaret-Anne Mc Killop, who has spoken to the blackmail victim, said he was very distressed by the ordeal.

She said the young man was blackmailed after being contacted online by scammers posing as a woman.

Remember; you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, and should never feel pressured into it.

No matter how much you like the other person or how much pressure they put on you.

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