Is drake dating bria myles

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In 2009 only he was seen with Cat Washington even if Bria Myles was supposed to be around him but the relation with Cat Washington was also not of long span and in 2009 Teyana Taylor was spotted with Drake in several apartments.This couples were found sharing social media photos in Instagram.The New Orleans rapper entered the game when he was a teenager, spitting rhymes in a group called The Hot Boys and repping Cash Money back in 1996. No shade to Lil Wayne, but it’s nice to see some skin not completely covered in ink.Wayne’s road to world-wide adoration was much longer than that of his protégé Drake. Lil Wayne battle tour kicking off tonight, let’s compare what they both accomplished by the age of 27…. Although Lil Wayne released more albums than his protege overall, the Toronto rapper has achieved a larger number of albums sold in a shorter period of time than his boss with Drake’s first three studio albums selling over 400,000 units in its first week. Although this could easily be a tie since they’ve both worked with many of the same artists, Drake wins this for landing respectable collaborations with artists like Jay Z, Eminem, and Kanye West early in his career. His I Am Music Tour/America’s Most Wanted Festival and his post-prison I Am Still Music Tour grossed over million combined with I Am Still Music Tour being his highest in gross and attendance. Although being referenced by the POTUS is pretty bad ass, that doesn’t top having a plane named after you in addition to your album cover/face being plastered on the side of it. Let’s check out all those girls who came up in Drake’s life.Drake first love was against Keshia Chante in mid 2000s where they first met as a teenagers, the couple didn’t confessed their relationship status but Drake answered saying “She’s a cool person and we had our best time when we were young”.claims and says that Swift and Drake are simply friends, we wouldn't have been surprised, considering his resume is pretty flawless.Even though he's a storied musician at this juncture of his career, Drake's love life is strong enough to get headlines on its own.

The “Hotline Bling” rapper Drake has the internet buzzing with speculation on whether or not he is dating legendary singer, Sade Adu. Drake recently posed for a photo with the singer and it’s even rumored that he had an image of Sade tattooed somewhere on his body.Later In 2006 he was found dating with Jade Lee and until now sometimes she used to hang out with Drake.In 2009 Drake mentioned Bria Myles in his two songs and after dating her several times Bria tweeted back at him with fun saying “It was Bloomingdales”.Did we mention he’s achieved all of this by the age of 27?Drake has accomplished so much at such a young age that it begs the question: has he eclipsed his mentor and boss, Weezy? The music industry wasn’t quite the same when Lil Wayne was working his way to stardom. Lil Wayne didn’t want Drake to get tattoos -and although he didn’t listen, we like the fact that they’re hidden.

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