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In today’s disposable society, do we give up on a relationship too soon?I am not saying you should just settle down with the first person you meet, but you should give your dates a chance. If a guy fails on one element, you ignore all the other positive aspects.Strangely enough, this situation seems to happen more often than I would expect: after finding a serious relationship some men still keep their online dating profile active.The explanations for this are pretty weak but these men always make the argument that there’s some good reason to keep their profile active.If someone doesn’t come across as your ideal guy but the content on his dating profile is good, then agree to meet. The superficiality of your fantasy boyfriend may be completely changed when you meet someone you truly connect with.Dating and finding a partner can become a full-time job, but don’t make it so.

If it’s a free site, I’d suggest sending an email about mundane things: “Hey, did you want to watch that movie tonight?

Of course women can also become addicted to computer games, but the research consistently finds that males tend to be more at risk for video game addiction.

For the partners of people who are obsessed with video games, it feels as if they are being ignored or even abandoned in favor of their boyfriend’s or husband’s latest computer game obsession.

And it is safe to assume that you both made this choice because you wanted to share part of your life with this person.

To do so however, requires that you actually spend meaningful time together (not just “time”). The definition will obviously vary from person to person, but would you agree that this time has to (at the very least) be both voluntary and chosen over other options?

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