Orthodox christian dating uk

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Orthodox Christians who are gay have been seriously maligned and hurt by antiquated interpretations of Scripture and canon law.Numerous bishops and priests, “pastors” of the Church, have done serious spiritual damage to a great number of gay Orthodox Christians including members of the clergy.Please feel free to leave your comments and share your stories – they can be anonymous or you may include your name and email address.There exist two distinct Christian communions known by the appellation "Orthodox," namely the Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodoxy.

As a consequence of these two factors, the Orthodox Church usually celebrates Pascha later than the Western Churches – anywhere from one to five weeks later.There is a thirteen-day difference between the two calendars, the Julian calendar being thirteen (13) days behind the Gregorian.The other factor at work is that the Orthodox Church continues to adhere to the rule set forth by the First Ecumenical Council, held in Nicea in 325 AD, that requires that Pascha must take place after the Jewish Passover in order to maintain the Biblical sequence of Christ’s Passion.The second aim is to offer an opportunity for constructive criticism and comments on the official and not so official stances of the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christians on homosexuality.There are two main guiding principles of this website: One: The Orthodox Church is the Bride of Christ. Therefore expressing that gift in a healthy and mature relationship is also blessed by God.

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