Simpsons speed dating

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Homer, who was spying on them, realized that he was Marge's, and his, dream man.After Marge told the bachelor that she had amnesia and three kids, he left her. Marvin Monroe • Herman • Bleeding Gums Murphy • Bob • Jimbo Jones • Jacques • Princess Kashmir • Ugolin and Cesar • Krusty the Clown • Ms.

Jacqueline Bouvier • Adult Education Annex Administrator Maude Flanders • Allison Taylor • Itchy And Scratchy • Roger Meyers, Sr. British Raj man) • Leavelle • Amber and Ginger • The Creepy Bloodening Kids • Wally Kogen • Homer Simpson, Police Cop • Manjula • Sergeant Crew • The Omni Touch Representative • Señor Ding-Dong • Pig of Eden • Astrid Weller • Hans Moleman • Arthur Fortune • Lindsey Naegle • Chuck Garabedian Edward Christian • The Pharm Team Lab Researchers • Lifeways Editor • The Southern Colonel • Lenny • Larry Kidkill • Meathook and Ramrod • Funzo • Mr. Largo • Rachel Jordan • Lisa, Jr., Ak and Qtoktok • Titania • Casino Manager • Brandine • The Southern Sheriff • Little Vicki Valentine • Becky Phony Mc Ring-Ring • Sophie • Jesse Grass • Mr. Duff VIII • Francine • Kitenge • Thelonious • The Rich Texan • Coach Lugash • Singing Railroad Hobo Judge Constance Harm • Professor Huntington • Gloria • Mesmerino, the Hip Hypnotist • Nibbles the Hamster • Gabriel, the Social Worker • Garth Motherloving • The "Afternoon Yak" Hostesses • Principal Harlan Dondelinger • Greta Wolfcastle • Buck Mc Coy • Zelda • Ronaldo the Orphan • The Crows • Kang and Kodos • Geoff Jenkins, Animator • Annette, the Squishie Lady • Brunella Pommelhorst, Gym Teacher • Frank Nelson-Type • Johnny Tightlips Rock Stars • Audrey Mc Connell, Third Grade Teacher • Dr.

When Marge bumps her head on a stool by her maximum-strength cleaning solution she uses to clear the house before her free housecleaning (which "she" won thanks to Homer painting the address number on the curb in front of the house), she gets amnesia, but quickly remembers everything except for two things - one, that she's married to Homer, and two, who Homer is.

Looking for a way to get easy money, Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson go around town spray-painting people's addresses on their curbs and make them pay them ten dollars, and when Ned Flanders pay them and ask them to paint his garage for 0, they freak out.

Looking for a way to get easy money, Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson go around town spray-painting people’s addresses on their curbs and making them pay them ten dollars for the unsolicited service.

It turns out to be a success, but after they add the “7” and the “4” to the curb of the Simpson house (742 Evergreen Terrace), Homer tells them that he will not pay, so they leave without finishing.

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