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This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but will give you a comprehensive idea of the loopholes in networks and security systems, which can be exploited by attackers, and also their possible motives for doing so.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but will give you a comprehensive idea of the loopholes in In simple words, hacking is an act committed by an intruder by accessing your computer system without your permission.

Ultimately, theft of intellectual property can result in economic and social costs that are broader than profit losses to a single company or sector, threatening to weaken the foundations of a free and competitive market.

Once this data is acquired, it can be used to skip generations of research and development (R&D) efforts, greatly accelerating an ability to develop at least the same, if not more impressive, capabilities that permanently eliminate the competitive advantage unique to the victim from which it is acquired.

This was another reminder of companies’ increasing vulnerability to cyber assault and the punitive actions at the disposal of regulatory authorities.

At Cyber Sec, we bring all infrastructure Pen Test methodologies together, so you can have a single, centralized, and comprehensive penetration testing report that covers a full spectrum of risk assessments for your security planning needs.

The way people communicate today is very different from the way they communicated in the past, and it presents a whole new set of challenges. and our allies now operate on the same global network as our adversaries.

Our adversaries were once defined by national boundaries. We rely on the same information technology they do.

Currently, this mode of illicit entry happens in more than 80 per cent of cyber breaches and is, therefore, the best place to stop it happening at all.

While there might be good technology out there to warn companies of an intrusion on their network, the technological route is essentially an “arms race” against the attackers and their ever-more sophisticated means of disguising their actions.

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