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Admit it, we all looked in admiration and horror at fingernails man in the old Guinness Book of World Records. Meanwhile, Cotton Candy have released their newest LP, Great chefs always say that their favorite food is a corn dog, which is kind of how I feel about Bang! For every time I've tried to patiently sit through an indie pop album or appreciate someone's winsome lyrics, Bang!Today is a new era, where everyday people just like you too can try and break a world record too! Bros are actually trying to break the Flaming Lips record by attempting to play 12 shows in 12 different cities within a 24 hour period (get it? Bros on-the-fly collaging of white noise and electronic sound (which is both musical and technically impressive to see) totally cleans out my brain and sets me right.Not sure if you're actually going to get into the book, but good effort guys.You might not win world records, but you win this prize.It must have just been the style of the time, but I find it difficult to get through this.

Hilken, your “Blackout” goes after pop gold with blunt objects that scrape with jittery cuts in order to get to the heart of the matter (reminds me of Ohio rock like GBV, Breeders, Wussy).

The reviews are subjective and opinion based, they also include many 'easter eggs' -- things that were said that foreshadow a later event, or hints that things were happening that we now have the full story on later because they re-told it on the XM show, etc. January and February April I figured I'd take over the hindsight report here, since /u/Cuck ECheese understandably couldn't take listening to this shit anymore.

This month wasn't easy, and I probably won't do another one of these for a while.

The Boston Police Department may be cracking down on local house show hosts like Whitehaus and Gay Gardens (chronicled nicely here by Perry Eaton in Allston Pudding) but have no fear denizens of funky music--the festival that represents all the best that the underground has to offer is happening in full effect this weekend. What do you get when two people who really love music, like, insanely a lot, pool together all of their connections and resources to put on the best music festival of Although dozens of acts will grace this years 2 day fest (upstairs and downstairs at Cambridge's Elks Lodge), the marquee acts include widely-loved now bands like dirty PA punk-rockers Pissed Jeans and NYC noise-band Sightings (hissing bits of distortion and bursts of static), as well underground legends Dan Melchior (UK garage rocking colleague of Billy Childish with 20 albums) and the mysterious Gary Wilson, who strutted out such a strange closet classic in 1977 () that it still to this day remains simultaneously anathema to punk and extremely punk at the same time. I spoke to Potrykus about this year's fest and he shared with me the special love that he has bringing his favorite acts to town that no one has seen before. " (actually, Wilson was specifically brought in to this year's fest as a reward to a supporter of last year's Homegrown 3 Kickstarter.

We are speaking here of course about Homegrown 4--the celebrity baby of Boston's Dan Shea (Boston Hassle/B. Listen to this electronic piano/farfisa styled lo-fi piece of soul from Wilson that comes across like a fried/damaged Alex Chilton shouting out his deepest love anxieties over an extended Isaac Hayes track. As for you--it's not too late to donate to this year's Kickstarter here for amazing scores: Homegrown 4 Kickstarter) The reason why Potrykus and Shea tend to favor to work outside the margins of the club scene has more to do with getting what they want out of the equation than avoiding anything or anyone per se.

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