Wachovia securities not liquidating funds

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Over the last several years, the IRS phased in regulations that require financial institutions to track and report cost basis information.

Securities falling under these regulations are referred to as “covered securities.” The effective dates of covered securities are: Sales transactions involving noncovered securities, assets purchased and held prior to these effective dates, continue to be reported as they were in the past.

Distributions may be paid from sources of income other than ordinary income, such as short term capital gains, long term capital gains or return of capital.

If a distribution consists of something other than ordinary income, a 19(a) notice detailing the anticipated source(s) of the distribution will be made available.

All returns include the deduction of management fees, operating expenses and all other fund expenses, and do not reflect the deduction of brokerage commissions or taxes that investors may pay on distributions or the sale of shares.

Please refer to the most recent annual or semi-annual report for additional information.

Simply complete the necessary paperwork provided by the fund supermarket of your choice.

Until the DRIP price is available from the Plan Agent, the market price returns reflect the reinvestment at the closing market price on the last business day of the month.

Once the DRIP is available around mid-month, the market price returns are updated to reflect reinvestment at the DRIP price.

Performance data quoted represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results, and current performance may be lower or higher than the figures shown.

Since Inception returns assume a purchase of common shares at each Fund’s initial offering price for market price returns or the Fund’s initial net asset value (NAV) for NAV returns.

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