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I wish she will get a lead role in the future i feel bad hating her in the dramas because she's so good portraying bad/evil roles. I still remembered how much i hate this woman in Personal Taste that i'd been assuming she must be a really awful person in reality...I hope to see her became a leading actress in her future dramas.! Thanks Ji Hye-ssi for making ur next cb for Yeah That's How It Is:) Although i enjoy ur great performance as a villain in dramas,but i think it's time,in fact the perfect time for u to shine as a lead star(u got the talent and looks for a leading lady material huhu).. But she's actually funny and nice despite having casted as a villain at most times... Love her so much in Hotel King& Birth Of A Beauty...The dude is freaking good, to the point that I want to kill him because he’s too evil (very convincing). The drama was mysterious but cute and very engaging. Though a lot of people say that the story line was kind of boring (because they were dragging out the story-line for too long), I still find this show cute and light to watch.Unfortunately, the PD decided to give this beautiful drama a terrible finale. I felt bad for the whole cast, especially Park Hae Jin. The finale was satisfying one, and I am glad that everyone was given a happy ending.Ji then starred in Healer from December 2014 to February 2015.

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Käytämme evästeitä sisällön yksilöimiseen, mainosten mukauttamiseen, mainosten seurantaan ja turvallisen käytön varmistamiseen.Klikkaamalla sivustoa tai selaamalla sitä annat meille luvan kerätä tietoja Facebookissa ja sen ulkopuolella evästeiden avulla.Lisätietoja muun muassa saatavilla olevista hallintamahdollisuuksista: evästekäytäntö.I hope 2015 she will take on a lead role since she totally deserves it and will be awesome!!!!!!!! If the director demands that the part be played differently, then that is what we will see.You do a great job playing the bad person but in the parts where you smile your real personality shines through, in other words, I can tell you are a nice person in real life. Wang Ji-hye gets many an assignment playing femme fatales and fallen woman because she is a talented, and beautiful, woman.

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